Friday workout

I was working with Shihan to get ready to stripe test for katas. I’ve got quite a few techniques that I need to work on before I’m ready to test. I’ll have a chance to practice Wednesday evening after class and again this coming Friday.

Karate and Kickboxing

Two really good classes tonight. Also, Mr. Adams made us run around the entire perimeter of building a total of four times with exercises in between each lap – all of this after 45 minutes of kickboxing!

Practicing while vacationing in Grand Cayman

Attempted paddle boarding on choppy water today, swam with the kids, but wasn’t feeling quite 100%, so I decided to exercise.

Practiced all of my katas this evening (all 19 of them, a few more than once), 25 pushups, and 50 crunches – not bad for vacation.

Sunday morning class, but also was a partner for core and extreme

In class, we worked on all of our katas. I did every one from Taikyoku Shodan to Gankaku. Afterwards, I was a partner during core and did exercises with them too since they needed the push. In extreme, we did 50 kicks (25 each leg) that I led, and also did all of my Shotokan drills with a teenage red belt that is taller than me. PT also.

Karate and Kickboxing – When tired.

The night before, I was out late because I hosted a client event for work. Needless to say, I was pretty wiped out and only planned on doing Karate, but after getting there and getting my juices flowing (as well as seeing my peers), I stuck it out and felt pretty good afterwards!

During karate, we worked quite a bit on spinning crescent and jump spinning back for Nidan requirements.

After class, I also worked on my PT for me ACL.

Karate, Cardio Kickboxing, and PT

The usual plus the PT – it’s not hard, but it is time consuming. My Physical Therapist said that when that injury acts up, I need to resume my exercises and ice as a first line of defense. I was able to do classes just fine, but didn’t kick with full speed and power. I also had to take it easy on the squats. I did them, just a little slower.

Sunday morning class and assisting with kids classes – and resuming PT

7 a.m. class, lots of kicks – my left knee/acl injury is starting to flare up again. After that, I helped with the kids classes – it’s a workout since I’m doing a lot of the exercises and drills with them. Also, I think I busted my little toe too. I was running with the kids, and my pinky toe smacked into the heel of one of the kids – now it’s all swollen and purple.

Practicing with Steve

Worked on weapons primarily today – bo, sai, sickles, and nunchaku.

Earlier in the day, my left knee starting acting up…it’s been fine for a couple of months, but now it’s bugging me – grrrrr.

Karate and Kickboxing

Back to the usual tonight… 5 p.m. karate followed by kickboxing. In karate we did a smaller version of what we did last night. I led exercised with 35 pushups, 70 squats, 70 sit-ups, 20 butt busters, 100 punches.

Black Belt Class – with a Black Belt Workout!

Tonight we did the following:

  1. 35 pushups
  2. 100 situps
  3. 25 chair dips
  4. 25 butt busters

We were supposed to repeat that three times, but the second and third time, Sensei lowered the situps to 60. On the second and third time, I was unable to do all of the pushups – I’ll have to work more on those.

After that, he had us run around the dojo a few times, duck walks, crab crawls, 3 x 1 minute intervals on the bag, 50 or 100 punches (I can’t remember), and then 50 kicks on each leg.

The rest of the time was spent on self defense against a gun and a knife.


2 Day Ninja Campout

Kenjutsu, tantojutsu, shurikenjutsu, stealth, camouflage, various combat scenarios, self defense, an obstacle course, and lots of bug bites.

Also, I really hate on campouts – it truly is one of the hardest parts – an upset digestive track while doing all the campout stuff is quite undesirable.