Friday workout

I was working with Shihan to get ready to stripe test for katas. I’ve got quite a few techniques that I need to work on before I’m ready to test. I’ll have a chance to practice Wednesday evening after class and again this coming Friday.

Practicing while vacationing in Grand Cayman

Attempted paddle boarding on choppy water today, swam with the kids, but wasn’t feeling quite 100%, so I decided to exercise.

Practiced all of my katas this evening (all 19 of them, a few more than once), 25 pushups, and 50 crunches – not bad for vacation.

Practicing with Steve

Worked on weapons primarily today – bo, sai, sickles, and nunchaku.

Earlier in the day, my left knee starting acting up…it’s been fine for a couple of months, but now it’s bugging me – grrrrr.